About us

The power of words

We are the longest established translation company in Spain. For more than 175 years we have evolved and adapted to changes and trends in the sector. Today we rely on the latest technologies to offer a competitive service of the highest quality.

Our Company structure consists of a permanent staff of highly-specialised professional translators  who are capable of overcoming any language barrier to help companies and individuals achieve their goals.

Our team, led by Hernando A. BarriosPrieto, works under a proven methodology to achieve a single objective: to achieve maximum accuracy and quality in our services.

At Clinter we have been awarded with the European quality certifications ISO: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 17100:2015 (specific to translations) and UNE-EN ISO 18587:2020 (specific to translations of the machine translation-postediting variant), being one of only two language services provider  in Spain to have all three certifications.


Together we overcome language barriers

We help public and private organisations overcome language barriers to enable professional meetings and successful business.

We also help our clients broaden their horizons thanks to our experience and knowledge and a personalised service of the highest quality. We humanise the relationship between businesses that do not share the same language.


The reliable partner that every firm needs

We want to become a national and international benchmark in the provision of specialised language services, adding value to the business and negotiations of our clients and partners to help them meet all their needs, through the excellent quality and accuracy of our service and the maximum communication and trust in our relationship.

We want to be the linguistic partner that will help you overcome any difficulties, enabling you to reach new markets and achieve your objectives.


We thought we were just translating. In reality, we were learning

Experience. We are the longest-serving translation and interpreting firm in Spain. We have a flawless knowledge of the culture of the languages we work in, which allows us to be totally faithful to our clients’ wishes.

Accuracy. . Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.” Anthony Burgess. To translate is to understand a message and convey it to another person from another culture in the most effective way. We offer our clients the utmost security so that they can trust the accuracy of our translations and the unfailing punctuality of our deliveries. Our Quality Control Department is in charge of revising all translations, in order to guarantee the use of appropriate terminology, to eliminate any typographical errors and to give coherence to the text as a whole. 

Commitment. Our high level of motivation and enthusiasm mean that we are extremely committed, both to our own team and to the projects in which we are involved.

Confidentiality. Our clients can rely on our professionalism when it comes to handling information that they consider confidential. We consider ourselves part of the team when we start a new project.

Communication. We like to maintain a close relationship with our clients, which is why we offer a personalised follow-up of the projects through the involvement of our entire team.


Clinter is a member of ANETI (National Association of Translation and Interpreting Companies),  ASPROSET (Sectorial Association of Translation Service Providers) and through the latter of EUATC (European Union Association of Translation  Companies), as well as of ELIA (European Language Industry Association)


Our team of professionals is always available

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