Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting 

Consecutive interpreting consists of translating the speech by means of pauses, i.e. the interpreter listens to the speaker and every 2 or 3 sentences, the interpreter translates the speech with the help of notes.

It is important for interpreters to have a good note-taking technique as well as a great capacity for synthesis to ensure excellence in the service provided.

Clinter’s team is made up of professional consecutive interpreterswith extensive experience in interpreting for conferences, events, meetings and training sessions to ensure maximum quality assurance.

The consecutive interpreting services most in demand are:

  • Consecutive interpreting for meetings
  • Consecutive interpreting for conferences
  • Consecutive interpreting for press conferences
  • Consecutive interpreting for training sessions
  • Consecutive interpreting for lunches


We have a wide network of consecutive interpreters who provide maximum coverage nationally and internationally at very competitive prices.

We also want to meet the needs of our environment, adjusting to the demands of the situation. Therefore, we are extending our service to multilingual events on digital platforms such as Zoom.

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