Translation Energy Sector

Translation Energy Sector


Energy is a shared resource in all parts of the world and there must be a universal understanding of the information collected by the energy sector.

With the acceleration of energy consumption and the rising cost of resources, the energy sector is growing at exponential levels and is in demand around the world. It does not matter whether you generate this energy or distribute it, as there is a need for communication between different speaking countries for business development.

Therefore, the importance of translations in the energy sector is greater than ever. Companies must communicate accurately and consistently with suppliers and customers in global languages to maximise their investment.

What are our sectors and areas of expertise?


Clinter is a company that offers professional translations and specialist language services in different sectors and fields of expertise, such as the energy sector, the legal sector, the financial sector and others.

Clinter’s team has more than 100 translators working with the latest technology to provide high quality services to its clients in the energy field.

We have experience in translating documents related to:


Environmental law;

International agreements;

Renewable energy;

Oil and gas development;

Energy saving and efficiency plans.

Energy audits

Work safety standards

Building site certificates

What is the price of a translation in the energy sector?


The price of a professional translation in the energy sector is determined by the complexity of the text, its length, urgency and whether it needs to be translated into several languages.

For this reason, it is best if you send us the documents requiring a professional translation via e-mail to so that our Project Managers can review them and give you a quote tailored to your needs or, if you prefer, you can call us directly on +34 915 32 01 09. Send us the documents in just one click!

Why hire a professional translation company?


Professional translations are a vital part within the energy sector. They provide the expertise necessary for a company to succeed in the global marketplace.

In the energy sector, translations often take the form of professional or sworn translations. This is because documents related to energy often include sensitive information that must be protected from leaks.

Translations are necessary for a company to run business in other countries. It is also necessary for them to communicate with their customers and partners abroad.

This type of translation in the energy sector is a process that requires expertise and understanding of the subject matter. Therefore, a professional translation for the energy sector must be an accurate one, comply with industry standards, and be reliable and consistent in the use of terminology.

What documents require this type of translations?


Translating documents in the energy sector can be a difficult task. This is because the industry is very diverse and there are many different types of documents that need to be translated.

In the energy sector, there are many documents that are to be translated for various purposes. It is important to understand what types of documents are commonly translated in the energy sector in order to know what type of translation service is needed.

Management and administrative documents. Information relevant to the management of a company needs to be communicated in as many languages as possible. The most common type of document to be translated in the energy sector is legal contracts. These contracts must be translated into different languages so that they can be read by all parties involved in the project.

Commercial activities’ documents. These include marketing, business correspondence and any other type of communication related to the sale of products or services.

Documents relative to digitisation, automation and renewable energies. These include the translation of reports on digitisation of the energy sector, automation workflows and investment reports on renewable energies.

Legal documents. These include contracts and agreements, as well as annual accounts, financial and accounting reports.

Why choose us?


It is no secret that the energy sector is one of the most important sectors in the world. As such, it has many international players and needs to provide translations for its documents. Clinter offers professional translations in this sector, which are tailored to the needs of the industry.

Clinter is the longest established translation company in Spain and we have developed a strong presence in the energy sector, as well as in other industries such as IT, construction and tourism.

Clinter holds the following European ISO quality certifications: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 17100:2015 (specific to translations) and UNE-EN ISO 18587:2020 (specific to translations in the machine translation-postediting variant), being the second company in Spain to obtain this certification.

Clinter has a team of qualified translators who are native speakers of the language they translate into. This ensures that the quality of their work is never compromised. Clinter’s team of translators are also well versed in specific terminology and acronyms of the industry, making them perfectly suited to translate any type of document within this field.

We offer our clients competitive rates, fast delivery times and top-notch customer service. ask for a 100% free, no-obligation quote!

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