Sworn Interpreting

Sworn Interpreting

Sworn interpreting consists of an official interpretation carried out by a sworn translator and interpreter authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this way, the sworn interpreter gives official veracity to the translated content of the speeches reflects the original speech.

Clinter’s team is made up of professional sworn interpreters with extensive experience in interpreting for judicial bodies and specific training in the legal field to ensure maximum quality assurance.

The sworn interpreting services most in demand are:

  • Sworn interpreting at the Civil Registry Office
  • Sworn interpreting at Notaries
  • Sworn interpreting at Courts
  • Sworn interpreting at police stations


We have a wide network of sworn interpreters who provide maximum coverage nationally and internationally at very competitive prices.

Our more than 150 years of experience in the legal field, both in sworn interpreting and sworn translations, makes us a benchmark in the sector. In addition, having  permanent high profile clients such as the Spanish Ministry of Justice gives us a differential value and an essential know-how in such technical translations and interpreting.

We also want to meet the needs of our environment, adjusting to the demands of the situation. Therefore, we are extending our service to multilingual events on digital platforms such as Zoom.


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