Throughout our career, we have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of public and private organisations, both nationally and internationally.

We have built solid partnerships, contributing value, knowledge and experience. A process that has given us great satisfaction and the achievement of important objectives.

Success Stories 


For AIRBUS, Europe’s largest company in the aeronautics and space sector, we translated more than 130,000 words into Brazilian Portuguese for a tender project in Brazil, obtaining excellent results and the gratitude of our client.


For the company DRAGADOS, since its incorporation in 1962, we have translated all legal and technical documentation, and we are the main supplier to all Dragados Group companies for all translations, in all languages. Specifically, we have helped Dragados and its group companies to translate the documentation required in all the tenders for which they bid, in countries as diverse as Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, France, Mauritania, Kuwait, etc.


Since AGROMAN was founded in 1929, even before its merger with Ferrovial, after which it was renamed Ferrovial Agroman, this company and all the companies in its group have counted on Clinter as one of their main suppliers of translations and interpreting services. Since the merger in 1999, CLINTER has worked for the Ferrovial Group companies. Every year, we translate more than one million words into multiple languages for Ferrovial Agroman alone, including English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Dutch, Turkish, etc.


For the airline company IBERIA we have translated a large number of deeds and powers of attorney into languages as diverse as French, German, Italian, Portuguese (both Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brazil), Dutch, Swedish and Danish. All of this within very tight deadlines and to the client’s complete satisfaction.


For the Spanish Ministry of Justice, we have carried out important translations of Spanish law into languages such as English and French, to be used as the official, reference versions in English of Spanish Civil Code, the Criminal Code or the Code of Commerce, for instance.


For ROYAL AIR MAROC, the most important public airline in Morocco, we have been carrying out both sworn and ordinary translations for many years. One of the most unique projects we have carried out for this client was the translation of the website of its low-cost subsidiary from French into Spanish. This project involved the translation of more than 30,000 words, and we were warmly congratulated by our client.


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