Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment


Interpreting is the process of transmitting an oral message delivered in one language into another. If the nature of the event requires simultaneous interpreting, it is crucial to hire the installation of specialised equipment to guarantee the absolute success of the event.

In order to determine the type of sound equipment for simultaneous interpreting to use, it is necessary to review the particular characteristics of the event, such as the number of attendees, the language combinations used and the space where the event is to be held.

Types of sound equipment for simultaneous interpreting

  • Equipo de sonido portátil o infoports.

    Portable sound equipment or infoports

    Portable sound equipment, also known as infoports, consists of a case containing the receivers, transmitters and microphones, so it does not require any prior installation.

    The infoports are ideal for events with less than 25/30 attendees and do not require sound technicians as it is a very easy and comfortable system to use, being the cheapest method.

  • Cabinas de interpretación

    Interpreting booths

    The booths are rooms that are installed in the event spaces with the help of a sound technician.

    This method helps the interpreter be totally isolated from any sound distractions that may happen at the event. In this way, the speeches are broadcasted on a microphone connected to the booth which, by means of an infrared system, guarantees the quality and broadcasting of the translation to the attendees’ receivers.

    Interpreting booths are used at large events where the number of attendees exceeds 25/30 or when the event requires several language combinations that require a system called a relay to connect the booths together and provide the appropriate translation into all the necessary languages.

    The booths must comply with Spanish and European standards ISO 2603 or ISO 4043, which establish the dimensions, soundproofing, ventilation, visibility and equipment of consoles and interior furniture.

    The sound technicians ensure that the simultaneous interpreting equipment operates any sort of incidents happening.

    • Installation and de-installation of the interpreting equipment
    • Controlling the levels and correct functioning at the sound desk

“We guarantee multilingual communication at international events”.

At what type of events is simultaneous interpreting used?

Simultaneous interpreting is a method used in various events, such as:

Congresses and conferences


Courses and seminars

Meetings and assemblies


International projects, programmes and partnerships


Press conferences


What is necessary for simultaneous interpretation?


Before the event, whatever channel is chosen for hiring the simultaneous interpreting equipment, it is important to request as much information as possible about the specific needs of the event. This preliminary stage is essential in order to receive a quote that accurately reflects the established requirements.

In the first instance, at Clinter we study the programme, the number of language combinations, timetables, number of attendees, number of interpreters and other previous specifications set by the client in order to suggest the best form of interpreting to our clients.

Once we have verified the venue, we make sure we select interpreters with experience in the subject matter of the event so that, together with the documents provided by the client as a support tool, they can familiarise themselves with the subject matter and the specific terminology of the event.

Interpreters should study the subject matter and the specialised terminology to be used at the event. To this end, it is necessary for you as the client to send us over the final programme, documents, presentations, reports and any other relevant documents.

“The success of multilingual communication depends to a large extent on the prior preparation of the interpreters.”

At Clinter, we work for more than 1,000 companies nationally and internationally providing language translation and interpreting services. We have a large professional team to offer you the best simultaneous interpreting equipment, always guaranteeing its quality under the professionalism of our sound technicians.

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