Marketing Translations

Marketing Translations


Specialised Marketing translations are essential for commercial purposes for companies and refer to the process by which an advertising or promotional message is adapted from one language to another, with the aim of reaching a specific audience in the target language. Many companies resort to this type of translation if they wish to communicate their message and sell their products and/or services effectively and adequately, especially when reaching international clients.

Nowadays, new technologies and the common market between countries all over the world have led to the need for companies to adopt an internationalisation project, promote and expand their services, enter new markets beyond the national one and attract new clients abroad. Although this is often a task that has many long and complex steps to follow, once undertaken, the positive outcomes it has are worth the effort. In fact, having an in-depth knowledge of the culture of the country or countries chosen where to land and expand into, and being aware of the situation and relations of international markets are crucial to be successful, and for a company to acquire a global presence and clientele.

What are the characteristics of a translation for Marketing content?


When translating Marketing material, it is important for this to be clear, direct and convincing, and to be as effective as possible and reach the target audience adequately, and to this end it usually has the following characteristics:

Cultural adaptation: each culture has its own way of seeing the world and reacting to advertising messages, so it is important to understand the culture of the target audience and to ensure that the message is adapted to their cultural norms and expectations. This is also known as localisation, which aims for the message to be received and understood by its recipient in order to achieve higher sales or other commercial objectives. For example, although a company’s original advert may include a joke, if it is to be shared in a country where humorous messages are frowned upon, these would thus have to be edited, or even omitted or replaced.

Language adaptation: when translating Marketing content, the target language as well as and the language differences there may be between this and the original one must be taken into account, as there are different grammar and syntax rules in all languages and these must be respected so that the translation of the message is correct and can be communicated successfully. In this sense, the translator has to make sure that there are no elements in the message that may be confusing or have a different meaning for the audience. This is very often the case with idiomatic sayings or phrases in the language, as they cannot be translated literally because they have a very particular meaning and an equivalent or the closest option to this must be found in the target language.

Maintain the original style and tone: every Marketing campaign is managed and carried out following a style adapted to the target audience, considering aspects such as the age of the recipient of the message, social class, origins, economic level, family situation, interests, lifestyle, etc. The register of the campaign has to be taken into account as well, whether it is formal or more informal in case the campaign is aimed at a younger audience, for example, and doing so respecting at all times the values and characteristics of the brand. The tone and emotion of the original message must be maintained too, so that it has the same impact on the target audience and conveys the same emotions, feelings and reactions as in its original language, which may include surprise, joy, doubt, etc.

Respecting legal rules and regulations of the target language: Depending on the destination of the Marketing campaign, it is important to respect the laws and regulations of the country or society in question and take them into account when formulating the message to be conveyed in order to ensure that the translation complies with current legislation and does not incur legal penalties whatsoever. Occasionally, some campaigns may contain images or designs and these must be adapted appropriately so that they are not considered offensive or obscene or may be misunderstood by the target audience.

What types of Marketing documents are usually translated?


In the business world, Marketing is a discipline that encompasses different types of texts and documents that tend to have a more informative or promotional purpose and are always customer-focused. When used for an international campaign, many of these require a corresponding translation that is accurate and appropriate to adapt them to the market and language of the target country and audience. Some of these documents include:

Adverts, such as those on TV, radio, the press, magazines, internet, social media and other digital platforms.

Brochures and catalogues, which contain detailed information about a company’s products or services and are often handed out at events, business fairs or sent directly to customers.

Websites, which are an essential part for businesses and one of the main Marketing tools that must be available in several languages to attract a global audience.

Promotional e-mails and newsletters, which are used to keep customers informed about a company’s latest news, products and promotions.

Sales documents, which may contain presentations, brochures and sales documents that are used to persuade potential customers to buy a product or a service.

Market surveys, which collect information on customer preferences and needs, and are often translated for use in different languages and countries.

Contracts and commercial agreements, for which it is important to provide a translation and ensure that all parties involved understand the terms and conditions of the agreement or contract, regardless of the language they may speak.

Who can provide a translation for Marketing material?


As any document included in a Marketing campaign has to be of high quality so that it is most effective, when targeting an international audience, its translation deserves no less and has to be properly adapted to be just as accurate and share the message successfully, and therefore a qualified translator is needed to carry out this mission.

To achieve the highest quality in a translation, the translator must master both the original and target languages, as well as having an extensive knowledge of the culture and society to which the message is addressed. In addition, it is important that the translator has extensive knowledge of Marketing, and of the current trends and terms used in the market in order to choose the most appropriate language and words, and achieve better results while putting into practice his or her knowledge of business strategy and procedures.

What do we offer at Clinter?


At Clinter, our professionals are ready to accompany our clients in their business plans and projects, helping them overcome any linguistic and cultural barriers they might encounter within the development of their company’s expansion, and providing translation services that can take their Marketing campaigns further and reach the target audience successfully.

We have extensive terminology glossaries covering various areas and especially in the field of Marketing to help us find and use the appropriate vocabulary and language at all times to achieve accurate and quality translations.

Why choosing us?

We have a team of sworn translators and interpreters with many years of experience in the sector, capable of offering a great service of the highest quality possible, regardless of the level of demand or difficulty and in any given language. At Clinter, we also stand out for our rates, which are among the most competitive on the market and are always adapted to the needs of each client. We make sure that we 100% meet the deadlines and that the client receives the translation in the way or mode he or she wishes.

What is our experience in translating Marketing documents?


As the longest established translation firm in Spain, we have been working in the industry for many years, providing translation services for Marketing documents and material to thousands of clients in the tourism and hospitality sectors and others, not only in Spain, but also in countries abroad, guaranteeing a high level of quality and accuracy in our translations and with the best results.

At corporate level, we have had the pleasure of working with a many public and private organisations, both nationally and internationally, including the aeronautical company Airbus, the infrastructure operator Ferrovial and the Moroccan airline Air Maroc, for example.

What sectors and types of documents or texts do we specialise in?


Digital content (websites, social media posts, etc.)

Advertising documents and texts (campaigns, adverts, catalogues, brochures, flyers, leaflets, etc.)

Press documents (articles, press releases, press releases, press kits, etc.)

Commercial documents (market studies, business plans, contracts, etc.)

Promotional material for events and congresses

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