Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting consists of a translation of a speech in real time, which is much more dynamic and fluid than other forms of interpreting.

D so interpreters must have a high degree of preparation, cultural level, specialisation and an excellent command of the languages involved to ensure the terminological use of terminology in each interpretation.

In addition, simultaneous interpreting requires the use of technical sound equipment:

  • Simultaneous interpreting with a booth. This mode is used for events with more than 25 attendees or multilingual events as it requires the installation of an interpreting booth. It is a complex system that requires a sound technician and it is the one that produces the best results.
  • Simultaneous interpreting with infoports. This mode is used for events with less than 25 attendees as a portable, dynamic, wireless sound system is required. The equipment consists of transmitters, receivers and microphone.


Clinter’s team is made up of professional simultaneous interpreters with extensive experience in interpreting for congresses, events, meetings and training sessions to ensure maximum quality assurance.

The simultaneous interpreting services most in demand are:

  • Simultaneous interpreting for conferences
  • Simultaneous interpreting for meetings
  • Simultaneous interpreting for multilingual events
  • Simultaneous interpretation for training sessions
  • Consecutive interpreting for guides


We have a wide network of simultaneous interpreters who provide maximum coverage nationally and internationally at very competitive prices.

We also want to meet the needs of our environment, adjusting to the demands of the situation. Therefore, we are extending our service to multilingual events on digital platforms such as Zoom.

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