Financial Translations

Financial Translations


Financial translations are one of the most complicated specialisations in the field of de technical translations, dealing with all types of financial and economic texts containing specific and complex terminology.

Nowadays, banks, agencies, financial institutions and companies of all kinds are responsible for providing their clients all over the world with documentation in any language, and they regularly request financial translation services to achieve this.

As these are highly technical texts, in order to provide a quality financial translation, in addition to having a high level of financial knowledge, it is necessary to be familiar with the vocabulary and language of a certain sector, and therefore the help of a specialised translator is required.

What are the characteristics of a financial translation and what are its peculiarities?


In general, financial translations are very peculiar and contain very specific terms and vocabulary depending on the sector or area they deal with, and may have several peculiarities that the translator must take into account when translating:

Advanced knowledge of economics and finance: before starting to translate any financial or economic text, it is essential to have a high level of knowledge of the subject for a better understanding of the text to be translated and, of course, to achieve better results in the translation.

The constant evolution of the sector: Given the dynamic and changing nature of the economy and the business world, translators must be up to date with the new terminology that is in use and the terminology that is not any longer in order to know what to use in the translation.

Terminology and format: depending on the context of the original text or the field it deals with and to which the translation is intended, as well as its country of origin, specific terminology or language must be used, in addition to following the structure or format of the corresponding text.

Language ambiguities: there are various connotations in the lexicon and terminology depending on the context that the translator must take into account, so that the final translation does not lose meaning and is coherent.

Foreign words and terms in other languages: in finance, just like in the world of business and economics, there are many terms borrowed from English, also known as ‘anglicisms’, although there are also many others from other languages, which are used in the sector and therefore it is necessary to know whether to include them in the translation or not.

Alternations between countries and languages: there are often several differences between nations and languages with regards to their culture, education system and legislation that lead to disparities in economic matters, which should be taken into account, as well as the famous false friends that can lead to serious mistakes.

High-precision translations: translators need to be as precise and accurate as possible with the language they use and also when dealing with numbers or figures, as the documents in question are usually of great importance and significance.

What kind of documents usually require a financial translation?

Financial translations are commonly used by banks and other entities and, of course, by firms and cover a range of different documents, including financial and economic documents of all kinds, such as contracts, annual accounts, company registers, share certificates, business and investment reports, annual and quarterly reports, etc.

On the other hand, financial translations are often requested more in the banking field, where bank transactions, bank deposit certificates, or also at audit level where, the translation of reports and certificates such as financial statements and quality certificates is often necessary. Translations of market and competitiveness analysis documents are also very frequent, as are translations of risk analysis documents.

Who can carry out financial translations?

Given the high level of difficulty involved in financial translations and the many hurdles and hassles that can arise, this task is to be entrusted to a specialised translator who not only masters the original and target languages of the translation, but above all has a great knowledge of the subject matter and the specific terminology of the sector, and of the vocabulary and language used to guarantee an appropriate and quality final translation. Since most of them are sworn translations, financial translations must be carried out by sworn translators-interpreters who have the recognition and authorisation of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAEC).

What do we offer at Clinter?

At Clinter, we have specialised translators who are always up to date with the changes and updates in the financial and economic world, and with the new terminology and concepts that are used. This level of specialisation is a great competitive advantage for us, as well as a guarantee for the client, to whom we are always committed in ensuring the highest quality and accuracy in our translations.

Our translators are also sworn translators-interpreters appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, which enables them to produce translations that constitute public documents and have official status for all legal purposes.

When translating, we have vast terminology glossaries that we have adapted and expanded over the years in order to find the most appropriate vocabulary and language at all times, and to achieve a faithful and correct translation.

Why choose us?

In addition to our large team of specialised professional translators with extensive experience, we are also a leading company in the sector and our rates are the most competitive in the market, always adapted to the needs of the client. We also guarantee that deadlines are 100% respected and that the client receives the translation on time and in the method of their choice.

What is our experience in financial translations?

As the longest established company in the sector, we have been providing financial translation services to thousands of clients in Spain, but also in other countries abroad for many years, always ensuring the same level of quality and the best possible result.

At a corporate level, we have had the pleasure to work with public and private, national and international organisations, such as the infrastructure company Ferrovial, the Ministry of Justice, the construction company Dragados and the airline Iberia.

What are our sectors and fields of specialisation?

Here we cover financial and economic texts, such as:

Specialised financial press articles

Bond purchase and sale contracts

Annual accounts of a company

Banking documents

Commercial registers

Note: In most cases, the translation of these documents requires a sworn translation.

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