Translation Tourism Sector

Translation Tourism Sector


Tourism has become one of the most important industries in the world economy. This means that more people than ever are travelling outside their country of origin.

However, this also means that companies must step up their strategy when it comes to marketing and brand management, and to targeting potential customers abroad. To appeal to a global audience, your company should consider working with a professional translation agency specialised in the tourism sector.

If you have a travel or hospitality business and want to reach new markets with your services or products, keep on reading for some useful tips on how you can use professional translation services to achieve your goals.

Businesses in the travel industry rely heavily on professional translation services to communicate with their international clientele. Whether it is about translating brochures and website content or providing interpreting services for events and meetings, professional translations are essential for businesses within this sector.

What are our sectors and areas of expertise?


You already know that CLINTER is a translation service provider, but did you know that we have specialised teams for different sectors? This sets us apart from the competition, as we draw on the knowledge and experience of experts in their respective fields. We are not a generic translation firm, but a firm that excels in the translation of material for specific sectors.

Hospitality and catering sector.

Energy sector.

Banking and finance sector.

Industrial sector.

Marketing and advertising sector.

Health and pharmaceutical sector.

What is the price of a translation in the banking and finance sector?


The price of a translation is an important factor when deciding what translation agency to choose. This is determined by the complexity of the text, its length, urgency and language combinations. However, the price of a translation should not be the only thing to take into account.

In any case, be sure to hire a translation agency that specialises in the tourism sector and has the necessary expertise to produce impeccable translations. To help promote your destination, hotel or event effectively, you will need professional, local translators who master the terminology used in the travel and tourism industry.

You can send us the documents requiring professional translation via e-mail to so that our Project Managers can review them and give you a quote tailored to your needs or if you prefer you can call us directly on the following telephone number +34 915 32 01 09.

Why hire a professional translation agency?


There is one more area where you will want to make effective use of professional translation services, which is crucial in the travel industry: digital platforms.

For this, you need a translation company that is able to provide engaging, multilingual content of the highest quality. There are several tools that help you translate on a technical level, but you will need professionals specialised in the language of tourism to translate the content and give it back to you ready to be uploaded to your platform.

With almost 7,000 languages spoken around the world today, translation services for the travel and tourism industry offer businesses a way to reach more international and multicultural travellers, regardless of the language they speak.

Translating your travel and tourism content into more languages also helps drive traffic to your website and increase your audience. Travelling means it is essential that your content is accessible in different languages, making information available to tourists from all over the world.

What documents require this type of translation?


When tourists or customers search for holiday destinations, they look at various options through travel portals, tourist information provided by the destinations themselves, customer reviews, blogs, etc. A professional translation by a translation agency specialised in the local language of your target clients helps increase their interest, maximise new contacts, build customer loyalty, communicate in their language, etc.

Translation professionals in the travel sector translate any kind of content from websites, travel videos, brochures, travel books and audio files to itineraries. Translations for travel and tourism involve all types of documents that can help travellers make an informed decision when planning their trip.

Translation of travel portals

Translation of tourist guides

Translation of marketing material

Translation of mailings

Translation of commercial mailings

Translation of blog and social media content

Translation of contracts and agreements

Translation of requests for proposals

Translation of business letters and memorandum


The tourism sector is dynamic and the documents requiring translation in the industry are constantly evolving. It is important to keep up with these changes and current trends by researching about and understanding the latest trends in translation.

Why choose us?


We take care of the translation of your online and offline content in any format whatsoever. With a rigorous selection process, CLINTER selects only the best translators to ensure that we provide high quality translations for all your tourism content. Working with tourism agencies from all over the world, our aim is to make communication with your clients seamless, offering you translation services more easily and faster delivery times.

Our translation services cover the whole field of tourism. This includes topics such as business-related translations (e.g. financial and legal documents, invoices and receipts), media translations (magazines, books, brochures, etc.) and NGO publications. We also offer editing services for travel guides, blogs, social media, websites or any other type of creative writing (e.g. rewriting rights for an existing text).

If you are planning to enter the global market or expand your operations to include foreign visitors, we can help you communicate effectively with your target audience. Contact us today to find out more about our professional translation services.

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