Sworn Translation of Academic Records- 2 pages for €55

Sworn translations of academic records are one of the services most in demand by our clients, as more and more people embark on the search for a professional future in another country.

The academic record is an official document issued by an educational institution that collects data related to a student such as the subjects taken, grades and credits obtained, academic distinctions etc.



When is a professional translation of an academic record required?

Now more than ever, with borders almost non-existent and the ease with which students can travel from one country to another to continue their education or even to seek a new professional future, sworn translations of academic records have become essential.

The translation of this document is done in order to facilitate the transfer from one university, school or college to another, as long as it is in an international context.

The translator translating the transcript of records must be a sworn translator, qualified and authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, to achieve a quality result you need to be familiar with academic translation, and have a good command of the vocabulary and terminology of each country’s academic grading system.

The format of transcripts varies depending on the country and the university where they are issued. Therefore, special care must be taken, as for example, in Anglo-Saxon countries, academic marking is totally different from the Spanish system.

It is therefore essential to have a proper interpretation of the data using conversion tables from international organisations such as the European Convention, UK NARIC or World Education Services

In many cases you may be asked to have the file apostilled or, if the country is not a member of the Hague Convention, you may have to legalise the file through diplomatic channels. We recommend that you first contact those responsible at the institution where you have to submit this information in order to find out the most appropriate procedure.







How much does a professional translation of an academic record cost and how long does it take?

A professional translation of an academic record is normally quick, so from the date of confirmation it takes approximately 3-4 working days. We also deliver nationally and internationally, so you will be able to receive the document at your own address, applying the corresponding fee according to the destination requested.

At Clinter we have a special promotion for this type of document as long as it is approximately 2,000 words long:

  • Professional translation of academic transcripts up to 5 pages into English for only €100
  • Professional translation of academic transcripts up to 5 pages into French for only €100
  • Professional translation of academic transcripts up to 5 pages into Italian for only €120



How can I order a professional translation of an academic record?

Simplysend us your scanned CV by email to clinter@clinter.es or via the Quotation Formo n our website. It’s easy and quick!

Our management team will receive your request and will get back to you as soon as possible. Once the quote is agreed we will get to work and have your professional translation as soon as possible.

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