Sworn Translations of a Medical Certificates €50

Sworn translations of medical certificates is a type of translation that is frequently required for international travel.

Medical certificates are documents issued by a registered doctor, which contain all the information about a patient’s health, such as diseases, symptoms, medical assistance, etc.

There are several documents of a medical nature which, depending on the reason or the institution where they are presented, will require a sworn translation:

  • Medical history. It lists all the patient’s health problems, as well as allergies and other contraindications or treatments.
  • Medical report. It certifies the assessment of a patient and is much more comprehensive than the previous document.
  • Medical death certificate. It certifies the death of a person issued by the Civil Registry.
  • Vaccination card. It displays the record and control of all the patient’s vaccinations.


When is a sworn translation of a medical certificate required?

You will need a sworn translation of a medical certificate if you are going to perform any of these actions in another country:

  • Applying for a visa
  • Applying for a work permit
  • Processing an international adoption
  • Obtaining health insurance
  • Taking time off work
  • Obtaining a gun license
  • Obtaining a pilot’s license
  • Obtaining a license to operate heavy machinery
  • Obtaining authorisation to participate in extreme sports

These sworn translations must be translated by translators authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to guarantee their veracity and legality before any official body.

These must include the stamp and signature of the sworn translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are therefore legally responsible for the accuracy of the content of the translation in relation to the original document.






How much does a sworn translation of a medical certificate cost and how long does it take?

A sworn translation of a medical certificate is normally very quick, so from the date of confirmation it takes approximately 3-4 working days. We also deliver nationally and internationally, so you will be able to receive the document at your own address, applying the corresponding fee according to the destination requested.

At Clinter we have a special promotion for this document provided that they are issued by Spanish institutions for the following languages:

  • Sworn translation of a medical certificate into English for only €50
  • Sworn translation of a medical certificate into French for only €50
  • Sworn translation of a medical certificate into Italian for only €55



How can I order a Sworn Translation of a medical certificate?

Simplysend us your scanned medical certificate by email to clinter@clinter.es or via the Quotation Form on our website. It’s easy and quick!

It is important that the scanned document has a high resolution and is legible as it contains relevant information written in a very small size, as well as containing elements that are not easily discernible.

Our management team will receive your request and will get back to you as soon as possible. Once the quote is agreed we will get to work and have your sworn translation signed and stamped by a sworn translator certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can come and collect your translation at our offices, or to we can send it to you by email.

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