Clinter’s interpretation services team is made up of professional interpreters with extensive work experience.

In order to provide a quality service, it is necessary to obtain as much information as possible about the requested interpretation (date, location, number of participants, time, etc.).

We are experts in the following interpreting services:

 Consecutive: used in negotiations, arbitration, press conferences or presentations of products and services. It consists of interpreting short fragments of speech, lasting approximately 10 minutes. The interpreter, seated next to the speaker, takes notes as the speech takes place and, when there is a pause, interprets what has been said into another language.

 Simultaneous: this takes place in real time; it is instantaneous, more suitable for conferences, courses and meetings. It requires the use of interpretation booths. The interpreter, inside the booth, simultaneously translates the speech as it is produced. To do so, he/she has a microphone and headphones. The audience listens to the translated speech through headphones.

 Whispered: this is simultaneous interpreting without the need for booths. It is used, for example, during customer visits to your business. The interpreter accompanies the person throughout their stay or visit (in a foreign country, in an enterprise, at a meal, etc.), translating without the need to take notes and ensuring communication with other people.

 Sworn: as with translations, there are also sworn interpretations, which must be carried out by a Sworn Interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in certain cases such as: weddings, trials, etc.

Clinter covers all communication needs and provides the best professionals.

We are also environmentally conscious, adjusting to the demands of its changing condition. We are therefore extending our service to multilingual events through digital platforms such as Zoom.

Because of the pandemic, interpreting is increasingly being done via Zoom; a programme that has a specific section for interpreting, making it a very useful tool in these times.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of using Zoom and how we would do it?  here

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