Construction and Infrastructure

These sectors involve complex language that requires the use of technical and legal terms and expressions specific to these types of documents, which also imply knowledge of certain laws on tenders, permits or security issues.

At Clinter, our specialised translators are qualified to carry out all types of translations inherent to these sectors.

Real estate data sheets

Works projects

Works contracts




Safety regulations

Urban planning studies, public works, etc.



The financial sector is probably one of the most time-sensitive sectors. Globalisation and relations between countries is what marks its evolution.

An attentive team, made up of specialised translation professionals, will know how to decipher and guide us successfully through the labyrinth of the financial world.


Balance sheets


Releases and press kits

Profit and loss accounts

 Financial reports



The legal sector encompasses any document whose content refers to the legal field, whether public or private.

At Clinter, we have a team of translators and legal experts who not only know the terminology specific to the sector, but also the legal projection of the contents of the document and the application of the legislation.

Articles of incorporation of a company.

Prenuptial agreements

Social agreements

  Contracts of sale and purchase

Financial contracts

Class action suits

Forensic reports

Foreign legislation

Annual reports

Arbitration proceedings

Shareholder meetings

Trial documentation

  Articles of Association

  Audit reports

Foreign regulation

 Powers of attorney

 Court rulings



Health – Pharma

Such a delicate and sensitive sector requires a different approach compared to other sectors. The translator’s mastery of the target language, scientific medical knowledge and a great ability to disseminate information enable an accurate and correctly interpreted translation to be carried out.

At Clinter we have a network of highly specialised professionals who guarantee the correct translation of this type of text.

  Medical articles

Medical conferences and symposia

Medical trials

User manuals






There is talk of a true publishing revolution. The sector is opting for more daring and complex literary works. This is a challenge for translators who have to recreate the texts without losing the essence of the original text.

Our team of professional translators is qualified to handle the translation of several texts. The experience acquired over the years makes the Clinter team a team ready to face any challenge.



  Newspaper articles

  Technical publications

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