Sworn Translation of Academic Records- 5 pages for €100

Sworn translations of academic records are becoming more and more common thanks to the opening of borders, which allows us to study and work in different countries.

An academic record is an official document issued by an official educational institution,university, college,institute or school. It indicates the grades obtained in each subject taken by the student.

They are more comprehensive documents than transcripts because they include in detail, the studies taken and the results obtained with all the necessary information such as the work presented, exam marks, syllabus, teachers, etc.



When is a professional translation of an academic record required?

There are several situations in which you will need a sworn translation of your academic record, for example:

  • Studying abroad
  • Working abroad
  • Recognition of qualifications
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Preparing for oposiciones (Spanish examination for public sector jobs)


These translations must be carried out by sworn translators authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs who stamp, sign and certify a translation that is faithful to the original in order for it to be legally valid.

It is not enough just to know the language, but it is also necessary for sworn translators to know the education systems of both countries, as well as their formalities regarding the regulations on education systems and their qualifications.

Depending on the institution where you have to present this document, you will have to legalise orapostilleit, which is why we always recommend that you contact the official institution that requires it before having the sworn translation done.







How much does a professional translation of an academic record cost and how long does it take?

A professional translation of an academic record is normally quick, so from the date of confirmation it takes approximately 4-5 working days. We also deliver nationally and internationally, so you will be able to receive the document at your own address, applying the corresponding fee according to the destination requested.

At Clinter we have a special promotion for this type of document, provided that they are approximately 2,000 words long:

  • Professional translation of up to 5 pages of an academic record into English for only €55
  • Professional translation of up to 5 pages of an academic record into French for only €55
  • Professional translation of up to 5 pages of an academic record into Italian for only €60



How can I order a professional translation of an academic record?

Simplysend us your scanned CV by email to clinter@clinter.es or via the Quotation Form on our website. It’s easy and quick!

Our management team will receive your request and will get back to you as soon as possible. Once the quote is agreed we will get to work and have your professional translation as soon as possible.

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